VR Maker

Turn your smartphone into a high-quality virtual reality camera.


Capture VR with your smartphone

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Wider angle than ever

The 720° lens can easily be attached to any iPhone or Android smartphone, allowing you to see wider panoramas - twice as wide as 360 - and thus capture truly complete panoramas.

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Become a Real Pro!

The Rotator makes it super easy to capture professional virtual tours. Place it on your tripod, insert your phone in it and start capturing! The rotator stabilizes your smartphone and decreases your center of rotation, which guarantees top-notch panoramas with no stitching errors, even on close-range objects.


Up to 8K Resolution Capture

VR Maker is more powerful than most 360° cameras on the market. It’s a cut above the best of the rest when it comes to capturing very high-resolution spherical panoramas of your spaces.

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Real-time Stitching

The app captures up to 16 photos, which are then instantly and automatically stitched to give life to beautiful panoramas. See your panoramas in 360° and in VR right after capturing them. Capture the first room. Verify the result. Check it off your list. Repeat.


Instant Sharing

Capture and enjoy seamless sharing. Your virtual tour is automatically built and ready to be shared with your clients, right from the app.


Professional Floor Plans (iOS only)

Scan any space with your ARKit-ready phone to create a professional-quality floor plan faster than you could sketch. Say goodbye to your tape measure — with VR Maker, each wall measurement is in average 97% accurate.


Geolocation & Street View Upload

Add the location where your tours were taken to a custom Google Maps inside your LiveTours. MY VIVENDA iStaging is also Street View ready so all your panoramas can effortlessly be uploaded onto Street View.

Turn your smartphone into a VR camera