Get ahead of your competition with VR

Create your own professional 360 virtual tour in a few minutes.

How does it work?

MY VIVENDA iStaging makes it easy and affordable to turn objects and spaces into immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences. Whether you're selling properties, furniture, cars, design services or trips to space, iStaging can help you grow your business!


Capture in 720°

Mount your smartphone on the Rotator and attach the 720° Lens on your phone's camera. Launch the VR Maker app.

Tap "Capture."


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Build your walk-through

Use our virtual tour builder to link your panoramas. Add notes, tags, hotspots and a floor plan to create a compelling VR tour. With unlimited customization possibilities!

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Embed it on your website!

Embed your virtual tour on your website, visualize it immersively with VR goggles, add it to your MLS, share it with clients, add it to your service offering and much more.

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This is why it works


It increases your efficiency

You can easily qualify your leads and reduce your tours to the max. Something which saves you time and satisfies your buyer and your seller!

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A clear and detailed picture

The prospects may get a clear and detailed picture of the property: Where, when, with whom and even how many times they want to see it

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Creative freedom

Create different tours and surprise your prospects in a positive way: Show them how wonderful the object looks in the different daytimes or in the 4 seasons.

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Our plans

No processing fees. No add-ons. No expensive equipment to purchase. Just a monthly subscription and that's it.


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Showcase objects and spaces like never before

Create amazing 720° live tours with ease using the VR maker app.

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Our clients

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Impress your potential clients with your recently completed projects using MY VIVENDA iStaging, no matter the season!

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Save alot of time by skipping unnecessary showings of properties with MY VIVENDA iStaging!

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With MY VIVENDA iStaging you can sell your boat(s) in ways you never thought possible

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Acquire more clientele with MY VIVENDA iStaging. Place your whole showroom online for everyone to see!

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Classic cars

Classic cars are a hard sell, but with MY VIVENDA iStaging it's alot easier. Sell your car overseas with minimum effort!

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Endless possibilities

With MY VIVENDA iStaging you can sell anything anywhere. Get creative and get started!

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